Martin Somol

Rabasová 2326, 269 01 Rakovník, tel./fax: 313 513 475, 313 513 455,, e-mail:,

Martin Somol

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 We are a private forwarding company which has dealt successfully witch complete pallets
service since 1997.We sell more than 800 000 pieces yearly and that is why we think we are able to offer interesting prices to you.  

We are based in Rakovník, where we have our own premises-offices, production hall and storage facilities of 20 000m2.Here all the production of EUR pallets as well as repairs are provided.We are licenced to produce EUR pallets and uarantee that they meet European standards.For our customers we keep permanent stock of 10-15 000 pieces at their immediate disposal.

To all our business partners we offer to introduce complete pallets service included sorting, collecting useless used pallets, repairing broken EUR pallets and repairing returnable pallets according to valid Czech standards-ČSN.

Among our current partners you can find prestigious supranational companies as well as a range of private firms. You will be provided witch a reference list on your reguest.

 We also offer large-scale production of pallets according to your reguirements.

These circulatory containers expenses are not insignificant. We will buy, collect and repair your broken pallets in exchange.Let us persuase you: we will také care-you will save!



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